NorSap Upholstery, Embroidery, and Colors



Marine Technics Group is the exclusive distributor of NorSap company in the Russian Federation.

NorSap operator chairs are produced from high-quality durable environmentally-friendly materials.


  • Fabric, velour, real or artificial leather
  • Different color combinations
  • Embroidery of your logo on the front or the back of the backrest.

Pillow Patterns

Norsap 2000

Norsap 3500

Norsap 2500, 1700, 1500, 1000 и 800.

Leather / Perforated Leather

Flammability: Flame-retardant
Abrasion resistance: avoid strong rubbing, not recommended for hard use.
Care and maintenance: regular cleaning with a moistened cloth


Flammability: Flame-retardant
Abrasion resistance: recommended for hard use
Care and maintenance: dry clean only or use proprietary upholstery shampoo


Flammability: BS EN 2021-1/2: 1994, BS 71761: 1995 Medium Hazard, BS 5852: 1990 Section 4 Ignition Source 5
Abrasion resistance: high-wear-resistant, recommended for hard use
Care and maintenance: professionally dry clean or wipe clean with a damp cloth

NorSap MX Upholstery and Pillow Patterns