Frequency (kHz)180 / 200 / 220
Display Resolution480 x 640 pixels
Operating modesSonar mode, Off-Center mode, Bottom Scan mode, Echo Sounder mode
Supply voltage20… 30 VDC
Output Power800 W
LCD Display10.4” color TFT LCD

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Marine Technics Group is the exclusive distributor of KODEN company in the Russian Federation

Koden ESR-140 sonar provides high-quality images. Its compact and lightweight LCD display allows for installation onboard smaller vessels where space is limited.

The high-speed scanning system provides for rapid and precise detection of fish schools.

The ring marker and cross cursor ensure precise measurement of the target distance.

The transducer stabilizer automatically compensates pitch and roll angles.

Target-lock function in fish finding mode helps to increase fishing capacity.

The transducer’s hoist/lower unit prevents transducer damage when the boat speed exceeds the setting value.