Saura B-150 / B-130 / B-100 / B-75 Magnetic Compasses

Compass card diameter, mm: 150 / 130 / 100 / 75
Application: Desktop, lifeboat (75 mm)
Optional: Wooden box
Approved by: Russian Maritime Registers of Shipping, Russian River Register
Manufacturer: Saura

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Download RRR Type Approval Certificate for P-100, P-130, P-150

Marine Technics Group is the exclusive distributor of SAURA in the Russian Federation.

Magnetic Compasses B-150 / B-130S / B-100S / B-75S have all required certificates and approvals for installation on board Russian vessels.
They can be used on board marine vessels of a gross tonnage less than 500 as navigation equipment.

Technical Specifications of Saura B-150 / B-130 / B-100 / B-75 Magnetic Compasses

  • wooden box
  • compact size
B-75S Magnetic Compass can be used as a boat compass.

Overall dimensions:

Item name / Compass model





 Compass card diameter, mm 150 130 100 75
Box width, mm 277 230 203 163
Box length, mm 277 230 203 163
Box height, mm 146 120 110 73
Compass weight, kg 5,9 3,0 2,2 1,3

Key features and benefits of SAURA Magnetic Compasses

  • Easy to maintain
  • There is no need for an annual replacement of the maintenance fluid
  • A unique ultra-reliable knot of card rotation consisting of a needle made of platinum-iridium alloy and a knot reinforced on a card made of sapphire
  • Short production times and the stock availability of the most popular models
  • A large selection of compasses with different binnacle heights (from 430 to 1225 mm), as well as the availability of boat and grid compasses.

Company background

Japanese company Saura (est. 1915) designs and manufactures navigational instruments and systems from precision magnetic compasses to the hydraulic steering gear and automatic pilots for coastal navigations. All these products are carefully designed and well-engineered through extensive and long years of experience in the marine industry All production is still based in Japan providing quality of the highest possible standard.