Anti Heeling System

Technical Specifications of Anti Heeling System

Manufacturer: Tanktech

Anti-heeling system is designed to automatically balance the vessel in upright position by pumping ballast water of ballast tank during loading and unloading.

Main Components:

  • Vertical reversible propeller pump. Pump is driven by electric motor and installed inline to the ballast transfer line. Pump transmits water from port ballast tank to starboard ballast tank or in the opposite direction. Pump condition is indicated on main control panel.
  • Butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator. The butterfly valve is installed between pump and ballast tank. Valve condition is indicated on main control panel
  • Main control panel. Crew easily controls the system and checks each component simultaneously.
  • Pump starter.
  • Level switch. In order to prevent damage of pump, the level switch must be installed at low level of each water ballast tank.