Koden CVG-200 Plotter/Sounder

Technical specifications of Koden CVG-200 Plotter/Sounder

Storage capacity: Track: 2000, 4000, 7000 x 7 blocks; Marks: 8300 points; Route: 50 routes with 50 points; Other ship’s track: 1000 points x 10 targets
Display modes: Plotter, Sounder (Single/Dual presentation), Plotter + Sounder (Vertical/Horizontal split presentation), Compass and Highway
Chart: C-Map NT/ NT+ / NT MAX
Sounder frequency: Dual 50/200 kHz
Sounder output power: 600/1000 W
Power consumption: 45 W or less (at 24 VDC)
Display colors: 16 colors (Color palette can be changed); Background: 9 colors
Display resolution (pixels): 480 x 640
Depth range: 5 to 1200 (Meter / Fathom / Italian Fathom); 10 to 4000 (Feet)
Image shift: Auto or Manual
Auto functions: Depth range, Shift and Gain
Presentation modes: Head up, North up, Course up, Own ship center fixed mode
Effective projection area: 0.01 to 3600 nm
Map projection: Mercator
Supply voltage: 10.8 to 31.2 VDC
Audible alarms: Depth alarm (min and max), Fish Alarm, Arrival, POB, Cross-track error.
Manufacturer: Koden
Protection class: IPX5

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Marine Technics Group is the exclusive distributor of KODEN company in the Russian Federation.

New update: C-map NT MAX compatibility.

Echo sounder with chart facility

The CVG-200 combines all echo sounder and chart plotter functions in one display providing a compact solution for vessels where space is limited.

Echo sounder functions

The CVG-200 utilizes Koden’s many years of experience in manufacturing commercial echo sounders. It features a dual-frequency 50/200 kHz with power outputs of either 600 W or 1 kW.

Plotter functions

A built-in C-Map NT+ worldwide base map is included as standard.

Special CVG-200 features:

  • Parallel line drawing function
  • Track color variation on water temperature
  • Track color variation on water depth
  • Support of external VGA display.

Key operation buttons make Koden CVG-200 easy to operate.

Water resistance

Due to compact size and IPX5 water-resistant rating, Koden CVG-80 Plotter/Sounder can be installed anywhere on board of the vessel either inside or on the bridge wing.