Company and Product Profile

Titan 9000 Multiviewer is a modular solution based on monitoring cards in control or bridge applications. One unit can display all 16 sources or any combination of inputs on up to four monitors.


Titan 1-RU chassis for Titan 9000-4H, Titan 9000-2H2V, and Rainier 3G Plus frame with internal 4-way cascading, 1x 24V /100 W DC power adapter — 1 RU chassis takes up to 4 frames for a total of 16 images

Any input module can be cascaded to any other module for building an array of display outputs with 4, 8, 12, and 16 images.

2 HDMI and 2 HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr input frames for the resizable image to use in Rainier/Titan 1-RU chassis, cascadable with any other Titan HDMI/Rainier 3G Plus-1 frame;

— 1 × HDMI output with max. resolution 1080 x 720P. * Additional Avitech DVII / YPbPr and DVII / VGA adapter is required for analog input,

Titan 9000 System Diagram

Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Avitech International Corporation was founded in 1995 to address the growing demands faced in monitoring.

Avitech designs, develops and manufactures Multiviewers, KVM switches, over IP solutions, video wall technology, and enhancing peripherals for the broadcast, professional AV, security, C2, and IT industries. Our products offer powerful customization options to fulfill a broad range of signal conversion, extension, distribution, switching, monitoring, and operation demands. Intuitive user interface and commands enable monitoring and controlling multiple computers with just one keyboard and mouse set.

You can control and monitor multiple devices (e.g., radar, echo sounder, etc.) from just one device.