HLD-RAIS 100 Rudder Angle Indication System

RMRS Type Approval Certificate

A rudder angle indication system is used to show the direction and position of the rudder for the crew. It is widely used in various vessels, and it is essential equipment for vessel control.

Rudder Angle Indication System manufactured by BEIJING HIGHLANDER DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is equipped with a rudder angle indicator converting angle value to the electric signal transmitted to distribution box, which sends received data to the device where it needs to be displayed. The rudder angle indication system also always shows the actual rudder angle with an arrow, which moves over a graduated dial.


  • Fully digital. High reliability due to IEC 61162 interface standard.
  • Flexible configuration suitable for all types of vessels: yachts, fishing boats, workboats, dry cargo vessels, and container ships.
  • High precision, rapid response.
  • Day-Night Dimming.
  • Customized scale marking.
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Brightness adjustment through remote and local control posts via built-in function.
  • Transmission of rudder angle data and system’s status to the VDR and other devices.
  • Operation from the primary and emergency power supplies.
  • Visual alarm indication and signal transmission to the alarm warning system.
  • IMO А.1021 compliance.

The basic configuration of the HLD-RAIS 100 Rudder Angle Indication System is shown in a figure:


– Threefacerudderangleindicator – Three Face Rudder Angle Indication Unit
– Panelrudderangleindicator – Panel Rudder Angle Indication Unit
– (centraldimmerdimmer – (Central) Dimming Unit
Wallrudderangleindicator– Wall Rudder Indication Unit
– Portwing – Port Wing
– Dimmer (moduledimmer) – (Modular) Dimming Unit
– stbdwing – Starboard Wing
– Bridge – Bridge
– ER – Engine Room
– Shipyardsupply – Shipyard Supply