Koden CVG-80 Plotter/Sounder

Technical specifications of Koden CVG-80 Plotter/Sounder

Storage capacityTrack: 2000, 4000, 7000 x 7 blocks; Marks: 8300 points; Route: 50 routes with 50 points; Other ship’s track: 1000 points x 10 targets
Display modesPlotter, Sounder (Single/Dual presentation), Plotter + Sounder (Vertical/Horizontal split presentation), Compass and Highway
ChartC-Map NT/ NT+ / NT MAX
Sounder frequencyDual 50/200 kHz
Sounder output power600/1000 W
Power consumption40 W or less (at 24 VDC)
Display colors16 colors (Color palette can be changed); Background: 9 colors
Display resolution (pixels)480 x 640
Depth range5 to 1200 (Meter / Fathom / Italian Fathom); 10 to 4000 (Feet)
Image shiftAuto or Manual
Auto functionsDepth range, Shift and Gain
Audible alarmsArrival, POB, Cross-track error, Fish alarm, and Depth alarm.
Presentation modesHead up, North up, Course up, Own ship center fixed mode
Effective projection area0.01 to 3600 nm
Map projectionMercator
Supply voltage10.8… 31.2 VDC
Audible alarmsArrival, POB, Cross-track error, Fish alarm, and Depth alarm.
Protection classIPX5

Marine Technics Group is the exclusive distributor of KODEN company in the Russian Federation 

A built-in C-map NT MAX compatibility.

Bright and contrast display

Koden CVG-80 Plotter/Sounder provides a consistent high-contrast image with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels on its 8-inch LCD display.

Easy to use

Key operation buttons make Koden CVG-80 easy to operate.

Plenty of display modes

Variety of 13 types of menus such as plotter, sounder, plotter + sounder, compass, and highway in the screen display.

Easy to install

Koden CVG-80 is easy to install either hanging or flush mount. With a built-in flush mounting system, it is possible to screw in through the corners of the front display, therefore any other installation devices such as a mounting kit are not required.

Water resistance

Due to compact size and IPX5 water-resistant rating, Koden CVG-80 Plotter/Sounder can be installed anywhere on board of the vessel either inside or on the bridge wing.