At Marine Technics Group, we believe that our close-knit team of professionals is the main asset of our company!

We need YOU if:

  • You throw yourself wholeheartedly into your work
  • You strive for success and career fulfillment
  • You have goals to reach and problems to solve
  • You always try to perfect yourself and strive for knowledge
  • You are positive minded and open for new opportunities

To avoid making unsubstantiated statements, we let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • The median tenure of employees in MT-Group is 46 months
  • 74% of the current company’s senior officials started their careers with the company as low-level managers
  • The average age of employees is 35 years

Our benefits:

  • Social security and stability for all our employees. Over the last 19 years of operation, our company gained market foothold that guarantees all our employees are always paid on time and in full.
  • Personal fulfillment. We embrace ideas from all our employees and encourage everyone to participate in our company’s business.
  • Professional and career development. We provide every employee with an opportunity to have a career growth (vertical or horizontal) or make a double career.
  • Competitive salary. Every year we conduct actual salary level studies to ensure that our compensation practices are aligned with current market trends.
  • Fair and equitable treatment. We always stand by our promises and treat every employee with dignity and respect.
  • Corporate activities. We hold corporate events for employees and their families and provide a lot of fun activities for our team.
  • Working at Marine Technics Group will give you the opportunity to travel around the world!

Interested in working
at Marine Technics Group?

The professional team of MT-Group keeps building a successful business realizing ideas, wishes and dreams of our customers!