Marine Technics is the exclusive distributor of KODEN company in the Russian Federation

Brand new Marine Radar of MDC-7000P Series is developed in accordance with the latest IMO and IEC requirements:

  • IMO A.278(VIII) / IMO A.694(17) / IMO A.813(19)
  • IMO MSC.191(79) / IMO MSC.192(79) / IMO MSC.64(67)
  • IEC 62388 Ed.2 / IEC62288 Ed.2
  • IEC 61993-2 / IEC61162-2

RMRS Type Approval Certificate

Marine Radars of MDC-7XXXP Series are approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for installation on marine vessels of up to 10 000 register tons.

No-display MDC-70XXP Radar (Black Box) combined with MTD-2404 24-inches monitors is designed to be used as navigational equipment onboard marine vessels.

RRR Type Approval Certificate

Marine Radars of MDC-7000P Series are approved by the Russian River Register for installation on river/sea vessels of up to 10000 register tons and inland vessels without restrictions.

MDC-7912P Marine Radar (MDC-7000P Series) Key Features

  • Clearer image due to a three times higher data refresh rate than previous models.
  • Improved image formation and data output settings.
  • Easy to use automatic gain control function.
  • Clearer image due to automatic gain control.
  • Wired USB Trackball for more efficient radar control.
  • Brushless electric motor: reduced noise, no need to change brushes.
  • Remote control panel can be installed in any place convenient for the operator.
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA).
  • Built-in AIS interface for displaying up to 900 targets.
  • Automatic Tracking of up to 100 targets (manual and auto mode).

The image on the previous radars

The image on the MDC-7000Р Marine Radar display

More clearer MDC-7000Р image due to high-speed video processing mode in the small radar range.

Without Gain Control

Manual Gain Control

Automatic Gain Control

MDC-2900P Marine Radar features:

  • Automatic interference suppression function
  • Larger target size (multiple sizes)
  • Zoom feature
  • The variable range marker (VRM) and the electronic bearing line (EBL) feature
  • Two Range Rings.
  • Cursor coordinates displaying
  • Parallel lines
  • Target bearing
  • Day/Night mode
  • Trial Maneuver
  • Vessel’s past track feature
  • Different types of marks
  • Specified course display
  • Trackball with two-colored backlighting for Night-mode operation.