MTNC-101 Analog-to-Digital Converter

MTNC-101 Analog-to-Digital Converter Technical Data

Output formatStandard string NMEA 0183 with checksum
Output PortsTwo Asynchronous Serial Interfaces RS-232, RS-422/485
Weight1.5 kg
Storage temperature-55..+70 С°
Operating temperature-20..+55 С°
Power supplyGalvanically isolated input 12 to 24 VDC Current consumption no more than 150 mA
ManufacturerMarine Technics Group

The ADC MTNC-101 is installed on ships with gyro compasses and lags that cannot output current NMEA values to navigation equipment consuming information about the course and speed in a digital format. The product can be installed on ships in connection with their conversion of the automatic identification system and act as interfacing devices between the compasses and lags of outdated models. The ADC MTNC-101 has a certificate of type approval of the RMRS.

  • Receiving values of the course from gyro compasses with a selsyn or stepper interface.
  • Receiving the current speed values from the lags with the stepper interface or the interface on the “closing contact.”
  • Indicating the current speed and heading values on the built-in display.
  • Converting data to NMEA-0183 format.
  • The transfer of converted course and speed values, as well as the speed of the vessel’s turning on standard interfaces (RS-232, RS-422)
  • Easy setup of the device with the help of clear menu options and familiar notations on the keyboard
  • The converter has a durable, waterproof metal case