Marine Technics Group is a manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the company’s products in the Russian Federation

MTDSL-99 Doppler Speed Log has the RMRS Type Approval Certificate.

Highly accurate MTDSL-99 Doppler Speed Log uses the principle of Doppler shift to calculate the speed through water and is intended for use onboard heavy-tonnage vessels (Capesize bulk carriers, oil & gas tankers, container ships) assisting with precise navigation in Canals and Straits. MTDSL-99 also helps pilots to perform berthing operations more precisely, which is especially important for heavy-tonnage vessels.

  • High-performance ultrasonic signal processor.
  • Stainless steel transducer.
  • Dual-beam pulse system to reduce roll/pitch interference.
  • LCD display with adjustable brightness for speed/distance indication.

In addition, supplied transducer DS994 is fully compatible with FURUNO DS 80 Gate Valve.

LCD Display 7″TFT/480×234 pixels
Speed Through Water Analogue and Digital Speed Indicator
Output data IEC 61162-1 VBW, VLW
Distance Counter 0 to 9999.99 NM
Total Counter 0 to 999999.99 NM
Total distance accuracy 0.2 nautical miles or 2% of the distance run by the ship whichever is the greater
Ship speed accuracy 0.2 kn or 2% of the speed of the ship whichever is the greater
Speed range -10 to +40 kn
Power supply AC 110/220 V 60/60 Hz
Operating temperature -16°C to +66°C; 0°C to +40°C recommended
Relative humidity 93% ±2 % at 40+3°C
Compass safe distance
  • Main Display 1.08 m
  • Steering Gear 0.46 m
  • Main Controller 1.32 m
  • Steering Gear 0.84 m
Water ingress protection
  • Display – IP23,
  • Controller – IP23,
  • Transceiver – IP66