Design bureau
«Marine Technics»

Every vessel starts with a design project

Marine Technics Design Bureau is actively engaged in the development of marine vessels on a turnkey basis.

Design development

Cost calculation

Equipment integration

Development of fleet modernization projects

Coordination services

Construction supervision

Our Design Bureau is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

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We are ready to develop:

Initial design

  • Hull lines
  • Tank plan with capacities
  • Speed and stability calculations
  • Configuration of a power plant
  • Vessel simulation
  • Vessel specification sheets
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Contract design

  • Ship structural design
  • Deck arrangement
  • Strength analysis
  • Principal diagrams
  • Relevant calculations
  • Machinery arrangement
  • System’s plans and diagrams
  • Ship propulsion plant calculation
  • Arrangement of distribution boards, control posts, etc.
  • Main drawing and specifications approved by the classification society.
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Detail design

  • Body Plan
  • Outfitting
  • Foundations and ladders design
  • Insulation and finishing
  • Final arrangement of machinery
  • Diagrams of the main piping systems
  • Final general arrangement drawings
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Production drawings
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Modernization project

  • Development of technical solutions for fleet modernization
  • The evaluation of the best option for retrofitting of equipment
  • Design and engineering works
  • Design and equipment approval in Maritime and River Registers.
  • Provision of equipment within prescribed budget
  • Provision of equipment in accordance with the new requirements of International Conventions.
  • Evaluation of costs and benefits of retrofitting of equipment.
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