Koden GPS-20A Receiver

TypeGPS receiver, WAAS, and EGNOS enabled
Receiving channelParallel 18-channel

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Marine Technics Group is the exclusive distributor of KODEN company in the Russian Federation.


Technical Specifications of Koden GPS-20A Receiver

Type: GPS receiver, WAAS, and EGNOS enabled
Receiving channel:  Parallel 18-channel
Receiving frequency: 1575.42 MHz ± 1 MHz
Sensitivity: -130 dBm
Accuracy: Position: GPS: 10 m (2 drms, SA=OFF, PDOP ≤ 3); SBAS: 8 m (2 drms, SA=OFF, PDOP ≤ 3)
Differential GPS: SBAS (WAAS, MSAS, EGNOS)
Data communication: Asynchronous data communication with RS-422
Output data format: NMEA 0183 Ver. 2.0 (NOTE: Ver. 1.5 is available on an option basis)
Output data sentence: GGA, GLL, VTG, RMC, ZDA, PKODA, PKODG1, PKODG7, GSA, GSV
Output data level: RS-422
Power supply: 10.8 to 31.2 VDC
Power consumption: 1.3 W or less
Temperature: operating: -25 °C to +55 °C ; storage: -30 °C to +85 °C

WAAS and EGNOS enabled

SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems) will be fully operated within a few years. Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems are fully operated in the USA (WAAS), Europe (EGNOS), and Asia (MSAS). Koden GPS-20A is ready to receive the seamless correction signals provided by these systems.

NMEA 0183 interface

NMEA 0183 interface with provision for external RTCM SC-104 differential corrections.

NMEA output

The NMEA output, supplied as standard, provides highly accurate positioning and navigation data to externally connected equipment such as radar, plotter, sounder, etc.
It has become pretty popular recently to use GPS-20A Receiver along with C-Map Koden Marine Radars such as MDC-2240 and MDC-2960BB.