KANNAD Marine SAFELINK AIS SART2 – AIS Search and Rescue Locating Device

KANNAD Marine SAFELINK AIS SART2 – AIS Search and Rescue Locating Device Technical Data

KANNAD Marine, SAFELINK AIS SART2, manufactured by Alltek Marine Electronics Corp provides for on-scene Search and Rescue locating in maritime distress situations.

The AIS SART is primarily intended for fitment by SOLAS vessels under carriage requirement rules.

SOLAS fitting rules differ depending on type and size of vessel and liferaft. In general, at least one search and rescue locating device is carried on each side of every passenger and cargo ship over 500 gross tons. Smaller SOLAS classified vessels are required to carry at least one search and rescue locating device.

The AIS-SART is a portable device and should be stowed on board in a location where it can be easily and rapidly placed in any liferaft.

SAFELINK AIS SART2 is a “one-shot” device operated at frequencies of 161,975 MHz and 162,025 MHz. Once activated the SafeLink AIS SART2 transmits continually for a minimum of 96 hours.

SAFELINK AIS SART2 Technical Specifications:

Name of parameter Value
AIS Transmitter
Operation type AIS
Operating frequency AIS1, 161.975 MHz

AIS2, 162.025 MHz

Bandwidth 25 KHz
Power Output 1W EIRP
AIS Message Type Message 1, Message 14
Modulation GMSK
Antenna Integrated by PCB
Power Output 1W EIRP
Modulation GMSK
GSP Receiver
Receiving Channels 48 channels
Acquisition Sensitivity (-)159 dBm
Tracking Sensitivity (-)159 dBm
Position Accuracy < 2.5 m Autonomous & SBAS
Type Primary Lithium (not rechargeable)
Operating Life 48 hours minimum
Storage 6 years
Service Replaceable by authorized agent
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Waterproof Immersion to 10m
Buoyancy Floats
Exterior Finish Highly visible Yellow
Compass safe distance Standard Magnetic — 0.60m

Steering Magnetic — 0.40m

Dimensions (AIS Transmitter)
Weight 283g (Battery included)
Max Diameter 70 mm

Package kit for temporary import:

  2. Stowage case;
  3. Extension cord, 1m;
  4. Coiled 10m lanyard;
  5. Bracket;
  6. Screw M4x20 – 4 pcs.;
  7. User Manual.