Portable Oil / Water Interface Detectors

Technical Specifications of Portable Oil / Water Interface Detectors

Manufacturer: Tanktech
Weight: TFC-02: 7.4 Kg (15 m); TFS-01: 6.4 Kg (30 m)
Hose length:
Intrinsically safe type: EX IA IIB T4
Battery: 9 V (Model: MN1604)
LCD display: 4… 7-segment display
Temperature reading mode: °С or °F
Accuracy over calibration range: ±0.1 (0°С to +60°С)
Temperature measurement resolution: 0.1°С
Temperature sensor measurement range: -20°С to +110 °С
Ambient temperature range: -20°С to +70 °С
Minimum detectable level: 8 mm
Indication of level divided by ullage and interface: Visible and Audible
Accuracy of ullage, interface detection: ±2 mm
Dimensions: TFC-02: 585 x 346 x 150 mm; 607 x 297 x 140 mm
Tape length: 15 / 30 / 45 m
Connection: PF 2¼” TAP
Tape resolution: 1 mm
Diameter of probe: 34 mm
Tape graduation: Metric

These devices are used for determination of the oil/water interface in tanks.

Model T2000-TFS-01 (For hazardous areas)

Model T2000-TFС-02 (Gas-tight)