Special configuration of MAN gas engine

  • 2020 год

In late 2019 at the PowerGen International, MAN Engines introduced MAN E3262 LE252, a completely new 520- kW class gas engine equipped with a complete cooling system consisting of a front-mounted cooler, thermostats, charging generator, pressure fan and mechanically driven coolant pump.  Cooling system with mechanically driven coolant pump and pressure fan gives the engine a huge advantage in certain situations.

MAN E3262 LE252 is a completely new engine, based on the E3262 gas engine platform launched in 2012.

MAN E3262 LE252 reaches the mechanical power 520 kW under 1500 rpm. (50 Hz). The optimization for various gases gives operators more flexibility. MAN E3262 LE252 reaches a mechanical efficiency of 40.1% in the natural gas variant for 1500 rpm operation, and 40% with special gas.

The engine can be used for all applications without change in output, including emergency stand-by power, prime running power, and continuous operation.

Due to complete cooling system, MAN E3262 LE252 is perfect to be used as a driving mechanism for different equipment such as pumps, compressors, etc.

Marine Technics Group is the exclusive representative of MAN in the Russian Federation, CIS countries (including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.) and Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), which provides the whole range of services related to provision and maintenance of MAN engines.

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