MT-Group has obtained a Type Approval Certificate for in-house manufactured ECDIS

  • 2024 год

The RMRS Type Approval Certificate for production of Electronic Chart Display Information System of MTG-ECDIS 7000 (ECDIS MTG-ECDIS 7000) type has been obtained.

The MTG-ECDIS 7000 is a combination of hardware and software components forming an on-board navigation and information system consisting of up to 5 workstations networked to sensors directly via serial connection, or via data converters, interface to radar scanner, and other subsystems.

The main purposes of ECDIS are:

  • ENC display
  • display of the vessel’s position on the ENC
  • control of the vessel’s position in relation to the route being followed, detection of navigational hazards plotted on the ENC or added by the operator.
  • planning routes and calculating route timetables

The ECDIS produced by MT-Group complies with international IEC and IACS requirements concerning external impacts, electrical safety, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and noise immunity.

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