“Marine Technics” supplied DGU for a hydrofoil

  • 2017 год

“Marine Technics” supplied DGU for a hydrofoil

In June our Moscow office supported by MT Engineering Center supplied diesel-geared unit on a new hydrofoil, project under 23180 “Valdai-45R” being construction in Nizhny Novgorod.

This DGU consists of MAN marine diesel engine D2842LE410, power 1100 hp/2100 rpm, ZF reverse gearbox and Centa flexible coupling.

Many years have passed since the last serial construction of hydrofoils in Russia. The project 23180 is the first modern hydrofoil. “Valdai-45R”, 21 m length, is designed to transfer 45 passengers with the speed 60 km/h. The construction is made of composites and aluminum alloys.

Trials of the first project vessel are planned for this August and if the features are confirmed by Alekseev’s Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau, it is planned to launch a serial production of these crafts. In 2019-2025 about 20 serial “Valdais” are going to be built in Nizhny Novgorod.

MT Company has been refitting hydrofoils for many years by supplying propulsion units on the basis of MAN engines. Having excellent features and service recommendations, MAN marine engines fit perfectly in reequipped vessels and new building ones.

Note that “Marine Technics” Group of Companies is an exclusive representative of MAN on the territory of Russia, CIS (including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.) and Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and is the Central MAN station. We provide a full range of services connected with purchase and service of MAN engines.

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