“Marine Technics” has dispatched the first emergency genset

  • 2017 год

“Marine Technics” has dispatched the first emergency genset.

“Marine Technics” Group of companies has dispatched the first emergency genset MT АДГ-315МЛ designed, manufactured and tested by our specialists on own production site.

The emergency genset will be installed on a research vessel. When planning the device, specialists of “Marine Technics” have addressed the requirements of the customer to the reliability, small size, and economical efficiency. Our basic marine auxiliary MAN engine fits perfectly to meet these requirements. During the production, the engine starting system was improved; Russian-made control system was used as well.

It is the first emergency genset manufactured by MT designed for marine application as the standby power source. It has been certified by RS and tested on the own test bench of “Marine Technics” Company.

Technical features:

  • Power: 315 kW.
  • Voltage: 3 x 400 V.


  • MAN engine D2876 LE301;
  • Leroy Somer alternator LSAM 47.2 S4;
  • Control system ЩУАД210;
  • Emergency hydraulic starter;
  • Heating of starter and internal circuit.


  • Reliability;
  • Emergency starting;
  • Automatic start/stop control;
  • Autonomous operation;
  • Small size;
  • High-pressure fuel pump;
  • Low noise, vibration, and emission level;
  • Economical efficiency.

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