Koden MDS-1100 is a brand-new solution for yachts and small vessels (State Small Vessels Inspectorate)

  • 2020 год

Koden company presents a new solution for navigational safety — Koden MDS-1100 Series Marine Radar. Radar turns your PC or laptop charting system into a full featured real-time radar system and is very relevant for small vessels supervised by the State Small Vessels Inspectorate under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.

Radar provides almost full functionality of its larger siblings.

Koden MDS-1100 key features are:

  • compatibility with a great range of Koden antennas;
  • Ethernet data communication allows to turn any PC into a full featured real-time radar system and install control panel (PC) at any distance from the antenna unit.
  • simultaneous connection of multiple PCs;
  • MDS-5R/6R compatibility;

Standard scope of the radar supply includes all components for a high-quality installation, such as:

  • main unit;
  • antenna unit;
  • connecting cable;
  • power cable;
  • spare parts package;

Radar connection diagram:

Due to its compact size and lightweight, the radar is ideally fit for installation on small vessels.

Dimensions and weight.

Radar technical specifications:

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