"Marine Technics" Group offers the following equipment:

МТ (Russia)

Marine gensets and air handling systems

Russia, etc...
МТ-Azcue (Россия) Marine pumps Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states
Azcue Pumps SA (Spain)  Marine pumps Russia, Ukraine, CIS
ERIKS Econosto (Holland)  Valves, gate valves, expansion joints, temperature gauge, pressure gauge, etc. Russia, Ukraine, CIS
Eliche Radice (Italy)  Propellers, shafts Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states


Ellehammer (Denmark)

Ejectors, emergency fire pumps Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states 
Evac OY (Finland)  Sewage water treatment systems (bio, physicochemical, membrane type), vacuum toilets  Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan
Fluidmecanica S.A.U. (Spain)   Capstans, anchor windlass, winches, cranes, thrusters, towing winches, steering gears  Russia
Kobelt Manufacturing Ltd. (Canada)  Steering gears (for ships with 110 m), control systems Russia, Ukraine, CIS
Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH (Germany)   Marine generating sets, auxiliary gensets 100 kW to 510 kW; marine gensets 85 kW to 500 kW; emergency gensets 85 kW to 540 kW. Industrial gensets on the basis of MAN engines Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge (Germany)  Marine high-speed engines 190kW to 1324 kW  Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states
NK (Germany)  Compressors (screw type and piston type), compressed air vessels  Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states


RWO-Veolia (Germany)    Oily water separators, decontaminating units, reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems Russia, Ukraine, CIS
Tanktech (Korea)  Portable tank measuring systems, local water mist fire fighting systems X-MIST, high velocity valves, etc. Russia, Ukraine, CIS
Denizsan (Turkey)  Hydraulic and electric winches, hydraulic low pressure equipment, mooring and towing equipment, piston steering gears Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Baltic states
NRF (Holland)  Heat exchangers, box coolers Russia, Ukraine, CIS
Vicinay Marine (Spain)   Anchor chains for ship application, anchor chains for off-shore platform application (class R) Russia, CIS, Baltic states

Peter Taboada (Spain)

Reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems, evaporation seawater desalination systems Russia, CIS, Baltic states

Libra Plast AS (Norway)

Doors, hatches, storage



Elit Marine (China)


Ballast water management system


Transfluid (Italy)

Ship electric propulsion system

Motus (Norway)

Lifting and handling equipment