Hydrofoil Voskhod-67 modernization complete

  • 2022 год

Neva Travel Company presented the second overhauled hydrofoil Voskhod-67.

For modernization of engine room, MT-Group supplied marine diesel gear reduction unit, which is based on 1200 HP MAN marine diesel engine and characterized by its reliability, efficiency and compliance with all modern environmental regulations.

Marine Technics service technicians successfully completed commissioning operations and confirmed them with the Russian River Register officials.

Within the framework of modernization, vessel’s shipowner also replaced all the electric mains, windows, radio navigation aids and installed modern alert and CCTV systems.

High-speed hydrofoil Voskhod-67 is designed for the fast and convenient passenger transportation to Saint Petersburg vicinities such as Oreshek Fortress, Kronstadt and Petergof.

The first hydrofoil, Voskhod-61, was successfully modified and commissioned earlier in 2021.

Voskhod-61 (neva.travel) https://neva.travel/ru/flot/voshod-61/

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