Alekseyev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau launched the fifteenth VALDAI 45P vessel

  • 2022 год

In late April 2022, the fifteenth passenger hydrofoil VALDAI 45P was launched at the shipbuilding facility of Alekseyev Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau.   Built for Petrotrans company, this hydrofoil will operate in The Volga River Basin.

For this project, MT-Group supplied Main Propulsion Engine MAN D2842LE410.

Marine diesel engine MAN D2842LE410 (1100 hp/2100 rpm) is capable of producing high torque during acceleration and maintaining constant torque in range from 1300 to 1900 rpm, which makes it the best solution for hydrofoil vessels. The engine has been presented on the Russian market for more than 15 years and recommended itself as a reliant, efficient and capable to work with any Russian fuels and lubricants. The engine also fully complies with RMRS and RRR regulations as well as Tier II reporting laws.

Hydrofoil VALDAI 45P (Project 23180) is designed for the high-speed passenger travel during daytime hours.

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