Service solutions for industrial engines



"Marine Technics" Group provides warranty and post-warranty services for gas and diesel industrial MAN engines and cogeneration gas reciprocating units since 2006.

MAN engines are widely used by generation sets munafacturers all over the world. In our service base there are a lot of mini power plants based on MAN engines supplied both by "Marine Technics" and other companies.

"MT-MAN" service station possess all necessary work tools and qualification to perform all types of works from support services to major repairs.

"Marine Technics" Group represents MAN concern, companies Wolf and Sokratherm on exclusive basis in Russian Federation, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic states, and ranks as MAN Importer and Central Service Station. Our company provides the whole range of services concerned with purchasing and maintenance of MAN engines, equipment Wolf and Sokratherm.

"Marine Technics" Group has all the necessary certificates:


Periodicity of MAN gas engines maintenance

Code Service works Periodicity of maintenance
E1 Inspection, setting, primary diagnostics, oil and oil filters replacement Annually, first 20-50 hours or after R2, R3
E2 Vacuum checking, spark plugs checking, oil and oil filters replacement 800*
E3 Plugs replacement , compression measuring, expansion gaps measuring 1 600
R1 Turbo compressor replacement  15 000
R2 Medium repair (Top overhaul) 25 000
R3 Capital repair 50 000
Special services
C1 Commissioning After mounting of new engines, after current and capital repair
C2 Extended diagnostics of all engine systems upon request or when putting the equipment for guarantee service
E2* Tightening of cylinder lids first 800 hours of after R2 and R3
O1 Oil analysis  first 800 hours of after R2 and R3

* Oil change interval may be extended because of oil analysis results and on agreement with MAN, but not more than to 1600 operating hours.