In-house Manufacturing and Engineering Center

We supply our own equipment produced under brand name Marine Technics not only for vessels under construction but also for fleet modernization programs.

We provide universal low-cost solutions for refitting of marine vessels!

Our advantages

500 m2 production facility

Broad product line

Certified test benches for diesel generators and marine pumps

Detailed design and technical documentation

Experienced engineers and production staff

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Marine Technics Group has been offering its own equipment since 2015

All equipment is produced in Saint-Petersburg. Our range of equipment includes marine diesel generator sets and marine pumps. Each product is tested on our own test benches, which allow us to test equipment of any capacity. Our products meet the requirements of all current shipbuilding standards. All equipment is designed and built to customer requirements.
Both foreign and local components are used in production.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System guarantees quality of manufactured products and ensure adherence of production processes to the current standards.

All equipment manufactured under the brand name Marine Technics is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.

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MT Diesel Generators. Efficient power supply for your vessels.

Reliable and efficient marine diesel generator sets produced by Marine Technics Group can be used as a primary, auxiliary or emergency source of vessel’s power supply.

  • Today we offer our customers diesel generators with a total capacity from 10 to 1600 kW.
  • All equipment is manufactured and tested at our own production facility in Saint Petersburg
  • Modern test benches allow us to test Diesel Generators of any capacity under any conditions prescribed by the Register.
  • Our Diesel Generators are suitable for any type of vessels.

MT Auxiliary Diesel Generators

Auxiliary diesel generators are used as a primary source of power supply on a wide range of ships and vessels. Our Auxiliary Diesel Generators are:

  • Based upon modern engines of renowned brands such as MAN, Mitsubishi, Weichai and Kubota.
  • Packed with all required components to meet Register requirements.
  • Made according to the needs of a particular customer.

MT Emergency Diesel Generators

Emergency diesel generators are used as an emergency source of power supply. Our Emergency Diesel Generators are:

  • Based upon modern MAN engines.
  • Packed with all required components to meet Register requirements.
  • Equipped with dual starting system and radiator cooling.


Joint production between Marine Technics Group and Azcue Pumps (Spain) manufacturing all types of marine pumps under the brand name MT-AZCUE.

MT-AZCUE line of pumps consists of all types of marine pumps:

  • for pumping fresh, sea and waste water;
  • for pumping diesel, oil and oily water;

Product certificate

Each supplied equipment is provided with a certificate prepared by our service team in a language understood by the customer. It contains information for proper operation, maintenance and repair of equipment and also information on maintenance history. Product certificate must be kept with the equipment for all its service life.

Engineering Center

Marine Technics Engineering Center provides technical and design support to customers and design bureaus.
Working closely with design bureau experts and sales and purchasing managers, our Engineering Center professionals constantly develop customized technical solutions based on our products and help our customers to choose the right equipment fulfilling all relevant requirements and expectations.
We are always ready to help you realize your boldest ideas!