Marine Technics experts offer new technical solutions for modernization of vessels

  • 2022 год

Marine Technics company will supply new marine diesel gear units (DGU) MT1200-R400H based on Korean DOOSAN engines and DONG-I reverse-reduction gear units with power of 1200 h.p. each for modernization of hydrofoil-powered VOSKHOD vessels Nos. 62 and 63.

The ship owning company Astra Marine Group plans to complete the modernization at hydrofoil VOSKHOD No. 63 in September-October 2022. In addition to the replacement of the main propulsion plant (MPP), many of the ship’s systems will be replaced and the cabin will be modernized.

New technical solution DGU MT1200-R400N was developed by engineers and designers of Marine Technics company. Diesel gear units will replace outdated DGUs based on ZVEZDA M401 engine, which have completely exhausted their service life and no longer meet modern requirements of shipowners.

After the modernization the passengers’ stay on board will become more comfortable. Thanks to modern equipment, vibration and noise levels will be reduced, air conditioning will be installed and electrical outlets will be added to the cabin. Modern DGU monitoring and control systems will significantly increase the comfort of vessel operation, its safety and reliability.

VOSKHOD No. 62 will also be sent for modernization after the end of this season’s navigation.

Astra Marine together with Marine Technics is planning to upgrade the other hydrofoils of the ship-owning company.

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