Marine Technics has won two tenders for the production of equipment

  • 2023 год

In May the Company won tenders for delivery of emergency stand-by diesel generators manufactured by Marine Technics (MT-Group OOO) to three Project 22430 and one Project 22480 vessels. The vessels are constructed by OOO SSK Zvezda, in Bolshoy Kamen.

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Project 22430 shallow-draft supply vessel.

Intended use:

  • supply of offshore oil and gas facilities with consumable drilling process materials, inventories, fuel and lubricants
  • removal of drilling waste from offshore oil and gas facilities
  • towing operations
  • personnel transportation
  • rescue duty

The Project 22480 passenger vessel for transportation of offshore production and drilling platform personnel is designed for year-round personnel transportation to offshore production and drilling platforms in the Arctic seas.

Equipment under the Marine Technics trademark is supplied both for new projects under construction and for retrofitting of the existing fleet.

Each product in the product line undergoes testing on our own test benches, allowing us to test equipment of any capacity.

The products meet all modern shipbuilding requirements and standards. QMS ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures high quality of manufactured products and guarantees that all technological processes in the production of equipment are adjusted according to the current standards.

Marine Technics branded equipment is certified by the Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

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