Marine pumps MT-AZCUE for a cruise liner PV300VD

  • 2018 год

Marine pumps МТ-AZCUE for a cruise liner PV300VD

Marine Technics has supplied a batch of pumps, mutual production MT-AZCUE, for a passenger vessel, PV300VD project, being built for Moscow River Shipping Company on LOTOS Shipyard.

We kindly remind that in summer 2017 Marine Technics Group presented its mutual manufacture of marine pumps with Azcue Pumps (Spain). The equipment range includes all types of general marine pumps for fresh, sea, sewage water as well as fuels, oils and oily waters. All the equipment is produced in Saint Petersburg. Each item is carefully inspected according to the European quality standards and tested on own benches that allows to test all pumps in the range. Marine pumps under MT-AZCUE brand provoked a huge interest among shipbuilders because the equipment manufactured by Marine Technics includes features of every project.

The project PV300VD is a modern cruise liner able to navigate in the European part of our country. PV300VD is designed as a “floating hotel”. The ship will operate on the line Moscow-Saint Petersburg as well as Moscow-Rostov-on-Don-Sevastopol-Sochi, Astrakhan-ports of the Caspian Sea.

Technical features:

LOA — 141 m;
Breadth overall — 16,82 m;
Depth — 5,50 m;
Max. draught — 3,20 m;
Crew and service personnel — 90 persons;
Autonomy (fuel) — 15 days;
other types of provision — 10 days

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