Ob port icebreaker is launched

  • 2018 год

Ob port icebreaker is launched

On 21 June, Vyborg Shipyard launched icebreaker Ob, project Aker ARC124 (order 232) built for FSUE Atomflot.

For this vessel Marine Technics supplied a set of Azcue pumps, a set of Econosto remote controls, RWO oily water separator, Vicinay chains and anchors, Fluidmecanica mooring and anchoring devices.

Ob is the first non-nuclear-powered icebreaker of FSUE Atomflot. Despite the absence of nuclear power plant, this icebreaker is powerful enough and features exclusive maneuverability to maintain shipping in ports during the winter and to escort large-capacity vessels. The craft can be deemed multifunctional because it will transport cargo, tow and combat oil spillages.

The vessel is equipped with innovative propulsion system including four independent azimuth propulsion units with electric drive Azipod ABB Ice-1400 of traction type. Power of each azipod is 2.5 MW.

Project features:

Length – 89.2m;

Width – 21.9 m;

Draught – 7.5 m;

Deadweight (including transported cargo at max. draught) – min.  2 000 t;

Speed in clear water – 15 knots;

Crew – 18 persons (possible accommodation of another 12 persons);

Icebreaking capability – 1.5 m.

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