Specialists from MT trained on MAN diesel engines

  • 2017 год

Specialists from MT trained on MAN diesel engines.

Service specialists of “Marine Technics” Group of Companies were trained on MAN diesel engines, V-NEW series from 13 to 24 March in Nuremberg (Germany) on the territory of MAN plant.

German colleagues taught on several directions including MAN mechanical and electrical equipment.

During this course the mechanical part was learned in details, full disassembly and assembly of the engine were carried out on the bench. The most valuable thing was thorough examination of all practicalities and nuances of the assembly which can influence the further operation of the equipment in different conditions.

The instruction included electrical issues for MAN engines: study and connection of all control, communication and monitoring systems, as well as series of starts and tests on all operation modes, value reading and diagnosis of all possible faults.

It is to note, that the training on the partner’s factory is an obligatory and regular part of service in “Marine Technics”. Our specialists annually enhance their competence, get acquainted with new products and operating features of the equipment.

We would like to remind that MT is not only an exclusive representative of MAN on the territory of Russia, CIS (including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.), and Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), but it also enjoys the status of MAN Central service station. We render all services connected with purchase and maintenance of MAN engines.

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