Launch of “Kapitan Cheremnykh”, project ST23WIM

  • 2017 год

Launchof “KapitanCheremnykh”, projectST23WIM

On 9 June Onego Shipyard launched “Kapitan Cheremnykh”, project ST23WIM.

The project was developed by Marine Technics Design Bureau. Moreover, our company supplied a complete scope of the equipment: main engines, gensets, reverse gearboxes, thruster, steering gear and autopilot, set of anchor mooring equipment, emergency rescue and fire-fighting equipment, set of valves, set of pumps, firefighting system for ER, etc.

“Kapitan Cheremnykh” is the fifth vessel in series. The boat can be used as a general service launch and is intended for transportation of commissions and crew members, cargo transportation, patrolling, observation and ecological monitoring of water areas. It can be operated as a pilot boat as well

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