MT Service engineers trained on Hansun factory

  • 2019 год

MT Service engineers trained on Hansun factory

Our service specialists trained on Hansun factory in China (Shanghai).

They learned in detail how to operate incinerator and ballast water treatment system Seascape-BWMS manufactured by Hansun.


Thus, the first part of the course was focused on incinerator operation: electrical and mechanical parts, bench tests as well as service, warranty and after-warranty repair.

The second part concerned ballast water control system Seascape-BWMS where our Chinese colleagues discussed in full spare parts choice, equipment production, assembly and maintenance.

After completing the training course, our engineers were awarded the relevant certificates. Training on the partner’s factory is an obligatory and regular part of MT service. We would like to remind that MT specialists carry out a full range of services: from technical design to service maintenance.


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