Azcue Pumps opened a new factory

  • 2017 год

Azcue Pumps opened a new factory

On the 21st of July Azcue Pumps opened a new factory in Spain.

New production facilities are located in the vicinity of an old factory and it allows to use a unified automated warehouse as well as installed equipment without unnecessary logistic costs.

The major persons of the region took part in this event: Iñigo Urkullu Renteria, President of the Basque Country, the Prime-minister and the Minister of Economy in the Basque Country. “Marine Technics” was represented by Aleksandr Evseev, executive director, Denis Klemin, commercial director, and Olga Andrade Lourenso, purchasing director.

Azcue Pumps (partner of “Marine Technics”) was established in 1910 and it has been producing marine pumps for more than 100 years. The enterprise is fitted with the latest machinery and fully automated warehouse. Also it has facilities to recycle raw materials. Equipment by Azcue Pumps is approved by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.

It is to note, that in June “Marine Technics” and Azcue Pumps presented their mutual production of marine pumps. MT-AZCUE model range includes all types of ship’s pumps to pump fresh, sea and sewage waters as well as fuels, oils and oily waters. All the equipment is produced in Saint Petersburg. Each item is tested according to the European standards on own benches, the capacities of which allow to examine all pumps in the range.

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