MT-Azcue pumps supplied for cargo ships

  • 2018 год

MT-Azcue pumps supplied for cargo ships

Marine Technics carried out comprehensive supplies marine pumps MT-Azcue for cargo vessels of different types: floating crane GANTS-207, pleasure catamaran Galsan, oil tanker Inzhener Chitanava, and service boat Mangustay-1.


The supplied pumps are designed for various media: bilge-ballast water, sea water, etc. It is to note that the range of MT-Azcue pumps includes all types of general pumps for fresh, sea, sewage water as well as fuels, oils and oily waters. The equipment under MT-Azcue brand is produced within the joint manufacture between Marine Technics and Azcue Pumps in Saint Petersburg and is featured by its high manufacturing quality and fast delivery. Each item is tested on our own benches. MT-Azcue pumping equipment is certified by RMRS and RRR.


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