MT restoring the platform in the Caspian Sea

  • 2017 год

MT restoring the platform in the Caspian Sea.

In December “MT-Caspian” (department in “Marine Technics”) shipped containers for technical liquids by the order of the “State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic”, industrial association Azneft.

These containers will be installed in the Caspian Sea on the platform No. 10 which was destroyed in a fire a year ago.

It should be said that it is not the first time when “MT-Caspian” takes part in platform restoration. For 2016 the department supplied different equipment, cranes, regulators, takeoffs, etc. which enable to carry out necessary works in short terms.

Specialists of “MT-Caspian” personally control the process: they have visited the production and participated in product acceptance. The policy of our Company is a full control of the order on every step.

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