Specialists of Marine Technics are going to speak on the conference “Russian shipbuilding”

  • 2018 год

During V International conference “Russian shipbuilding. Global trends” held on 12-13 April in Saint Petersburg Dmitry Kazartsev, chief naval architect  in Marine Technics, presented the project of an innovative passenger vessel.

We kindly remind that Marine Technics has developed a pioneer ship “Voyage MT” for Siberian rivers satisfying ship owners requirements and including regional features.

The innovative vessel “Voyage MT” is designed to operate in all regions. The project can be upgraded on the basis of a single platform: change the arrangement of the equipment, accommodation of crew and passengers. Except its functionality, the ship is featured by esthetically smart and modern design: we can imagine her on any water route not only in Russia.

Main technical characteristics are:

  • LOA: 85 to 99 m (depending on passenger capacity)
  • Width: 13.8 m (depending on dimensions of the White Sea-Baltic Canal)
  • Draught: 1,6-2,0 m (regulated by the ballast system)
  • Speed: min. 25 km/h
  • Cruising range: up to 5 000 km
  • Autonomy (provision): 15 days
  • Autonomy (fresh water and sewage drain): unlimited
  • Passenger capacity: 180-250 persons

Project of the passenger vessel “Voyage MT” is fully technically agreed with the future operating companies. Its universality and adaptability to local realities like voyage duration, need to transfer several cargo types, composition and execution of cabins for passengers, are uncontestable advantages of the project. Technical solutions of the project give large opportunities for further ship modernization, development of her ecological compatibility and extension of economical efficiency.

Construction of “Voyage MT” will resolve the problem of transport accessibility and increase touristic attractiveness of the regions within a reasonable period at available budget.


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