“Marine Technics” turns vessels into oily water treatment plants

  • 2017 год

“Marine Technics” turns vessels into oily water treatment plants.

“Marine Technics” Group of Companies has offered a refitting project for vessels of project 354K with oily water separators. It will allow to collect oily water and to treat it on-site.

The idea of this project appeared as the result of programme launched by Rosmorrechflot “Collection and treatment of bilge waters by Federal State Water Basin Administrations”.

“Ropak” m/v (pr. 354K) is the first vessel in MT project. Ship’s equipment for Federal State Administration of Lena Water Basin was delivered in March, 2017.

It is planned to reequip all series of 354K. After modernization crafts of the project 354K will be able not only to collect, but also to treat bilge oily waters.

It is to note, that this MT project is unique for Russia due to the absence of analogues. Re-equipment of vessels series 354K is an important step to improve ecological situation of inland water basins.


On 5 January 2016 Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order on holding the Year of the Environment in the Russian Federation in 2017.


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