Marine Technics updates ecological stations

  • 2018 год

Marine Technics updates ecological stations

Marine Technics Group supplied marine incinerators on ecological stations for several projects of Ob-Irtysh and Yenisei river basins.

All modernization works are carried out within the programme aimed to advance ecological direction and provide shipping companies with up-to-date equipment to treat ballast, oily, sewage waters, to recycle solid waste and oil sludge.

1. Vessel pr. R16K refitted from bunkering station into station to collect, to store and to recycle waste – station BB-54.

After the reequipment the station (project R16K) will be able to collect, to store, to recycle and to dispose waste and oily waters.

2. Integrated service ship pr. R16KPNP-1.

3. Collecting and recycling of waster on the basis of pr. 792, type TNP m/v Geolog Luginets.

For these projects Marine Technics supplied a set of equipment including oily water treatment systems OWS-COM, capacity 2,5, 5, 10 m3/h and incinerators to recycle solid waste, capacity up to 140 kg/h for solid waste and 125 kg/h for oil sludge.

It is to note that all the equipment is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.

Thus, Marine Technics offers shipping companies a range of services: supply of a full set of the equipment to treat oily, sewage waters, to recycle solid waste and oil sludge, design works to modernize vessel under Register approval, commissioning and service works carried out by our staff as well as constant technical support.

Marine Technics puts a great emphasis on ecological issues and adopts successfully an ecological retrofit direction. Over 3 years the specialists with ship owners have realized more than 30 projects on upgrading and refitting ecological units based on the projects 354K, 588, R16K, 585, modular ecological stations, etc.

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