Marine Technics launches deliveries of a new brand of magnetic compasses.

  • 2022 год

In November, the first large batch of magnetic compasses produced by Ruian Shun Feng Navigation Instruments arrived to the MT warehouse.

The Chinese Ruian Shunfeng Navigation Instruments Co. has been manufacturing professional marine navigation equipment since 1980. The high quality of the company’s navigation equipment is widely confirmed by international classification societies.

The Ruian Shunfeng’s equipment has already been approved by the Russiam Maritime Register of Shipping and is in the process of being approved by the Russian River Register.

The manufacturer guarantees high accuracy and stable operation of all supplied devices. Thus the company’s equipment is rapidly gaining the trust and positive feedback of a wide range of customers.

Marine Technics is the official distributor of Ruian ShunFeng Navigation Instruments in Russia.


More information about Ruian Shun Feng Navigation Instruments is available on the Marine Technics website:


Magnetic Compass YT-QX980-B

Magnetic Compass CPT-130A

Magnetic Compass CGF-165W

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