Celebrating 15 years of cooperation between MAN Truck & Bus SE and MT-Group

  • 2021 год

In 2021, MAN Truck & Bus SE (Germany) and MT-Group (Russia) are celebrating the 15th anniversary of business partnership. Unfortunately, due to current COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to express congratulations in person but look forward to meeting them soon. Until then, MT-Group senior officials such as Executive Director Denis Klemin, Head of Key Account Management Department Pavel Kulikov and Head of Industrial Engines Sales Department Aleksandr Printsev have decided to reveal some secrets of companies long lasting partnership at the Russian market.



History of partnership between MAN and MT-Group

In 2006, MT-Group became authorized import vendor partner of MAN company in supply, maintenance and guaranteed repair service of MAN marine engines. And in 2008, our company started to offer after-sale services in Industrial Sector providing guaranteed repair and maintenance services for MAN high-speed gas and diesel engines.  In 2014, MT-Group was certified as official supplier of MAN industrial engines.

Top benefits of MAN engines

In order to describe benefits of MAN engines, let’s go back in history of engine manufacturing for the moment. It all started with Rudolf Diesel invention. Engine, that he worked on from 1893 and 1897, brought the new era of transportation and was a revolutionary step for Maschinenfabrik Nürnberg AG.

In 1890, development and manufacturing began in Nürnberg. In 1897, the world’s first diesel engine was developed. In 1898, the companies Maschinenfabrik Augsburg and Nuremberg AG merged to form Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg AG, or n short MAN. Henceforward the history of MAN as we have known it, takes start. In 1902 – 1903, Burbacher rolling mill assembled and put into operation the first gas engine named “Grossgasmotor”. MAN has more than 124 years of history and experience in engine manufacturing.

Nowadays, MAN Nuremberg plant occupies an area of 355 253 m2, and employs 4 415 workers. Plant production capacity is around 100 000 engines per year. At the premises of MAN plant, there are international and internal departments of Engine Research Center; Casting and Assembly Shops; spare parts production; shipping and logistics departments.

This manufacturer is well known all over the world for its quality and reliability not only in marine industry but also in industrial sector. Today, high speed engines are produced only at one German plant in Nuremberg, which allows us to say about unrivaled German quality corresponding to the latest environmental regulations combined with innovative technologies.

Sales territory of MAN engines in Russia and specific character of operations in the Russian market.

Our company supplies MAN engines all over the Russian Federation and CIS countries: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vyborg, Yaroslavl, Tutaev, Rybinsk, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnordar Krai, Vladivostok, Almaty, Uralsk, Aktobe, etc.

There are two main divisions in MT-Group — MAN Marine and MAN Power.

MAN Marine supply equipment for marine industry according to customer requirements. It is usually ready-made engineering solutions for marine power plants based on MAN marine engines for both shipbuilding and retrofitting. Shipbuilding and ship repair facilities as well as shipowners retrofitting its fleet are the main customers in this area.  MAN, marine engines supplied by MT-Group adhere to all requirements of Russian River Register and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

MAN Power division is responsible for development and certification of dealers network of manufacturers of gas engines, small-scale CHP-plants, gas-compressor and diesel pump equipment.  All consignments go along with full product support and selection of MAN engine most-efficient for customer’s power gas. Manufacturers of industrial and energy markets are the main customers in this area.

Highly experienced technical support engineers and spare-parts sale managers of MT-Group company provide high-grade full-time support for company’s customers.

In Russia we don’t trust advertising, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective. That’s why our professionals are always trying their best to satisfy the requirements of our customers and provide smooth operation of equipment in any corner of our country. We highly value deserved reputation of our reliable and highly experienced partner.

Sales growth and the development of the partnership between MAN and MT-Group.

During 2016 – 2020, the number of supplied MAN high-speed gas engines increased in 6 times (in 550%) in comparison with 2010-2015 period. Such growth in sales was a result of a company’s proven track record of successful supplies for the different type of vessels and industrial facilities.  Today we can state with confidence that you will see MAN products on a great number of vessels that are currently under constructions, whether displacement ships (tugboats, buoy tenders, etc.) or speed crafts (hydrofoil and hovercraft).

It is worth noting, however, that first steps in the industrial sector were not easy. Russian market knew only high-quality automotive engines. So, we constantly needed to explain the difference in use between the engines. Today, new customers reach out to us with a lot of knowledge.

Recently, we have been actively developing and partnering with Russian manufacturers in other industrial sectors.

MT-Group is always open and ready to advance mutually beneficial relations with MAN. We hope that our partnership will grow bigger and even stronger regardless of any circumstances and calamities. On behalf of the entire MT-Group team, we would like to express gratitude to the management of MAN Truck & Bus company for the vote of confidence from you and say that we highly value their support!


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