Saura magnetic compasses certified by RMRS

  • 2017 год

Saura magnetic compasses certified by RMRS

Saura magnetic compasses (Japan) have succeeded in RMRS certification. Received type approval certificates confirm the right to apply all range of compasses on seagoing ships as navigational equipment (master, steering and lifeboat compasses).



Diameter of card, mm



Type Approval Certificate No. 17.00735.315

Master compass (meets IMO) SR-165 165 Master compass on a high binnacle stand with periscope. Full set of correcting magnets.

Type Approval Certificate No. 17.00736.315

Master compass for seagoing ships less than 500 gross tonnage not engaged on international voyages MR-150 150 Master compass on a low binnacle stand with periscope.
MR-165C 165

Type Approval Certificate No. 17.00737.315

Steering compass. As a navigational equipment for seagoing ships less than 500 gross tonnage T-130VB 130 On a low binnacle stand. High illumination 24V
T-130VD 130 Low illumination 24V, possibility to install sensor SCP-NT.
T-130VF 130 As T-130VD with additional latitude deviation.
T-150IIF 150 As T-130VF.

Type Approval Certificate No. 17.00738.315

Lifeboat compass

P-75L 75 On a low binnacle stand. Without correcting magnets.
Illumination 24V.
P-100S 100
P-130S 130
P-150N 150
B-75S 75 Wooden box type. Without correcting magnets. 
B-100S 100
B-130S 130
B-150N 150

Features and advantages of Saura magnetic compasses:

  • low price;
  • easy maintenance;
  • no need to replace annually supporting fluid;
  • unique ultra-reliable rotation assembly of card, consisting of needles made of platinum-iridium alloy and reinforced response node on compass card made of sapphire;
  • short production terms and availability of the most popular models;
  • large choice of compasses binnacle with different heights (from 430 to 1225 mm) and different diameter of card (from 75 to 180 mm).

We would like to remind that “Marine Technics” is an official dealer of Saura.

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