MT-Group successfully implemented a new industrial project

  • 2019 год

Late March, two MAN E 3262 LE 202 engines were shipped from the MT-Group warehouse to our partner Gas Machines company. The engines are designed to be used as a part of gas gensets.

The gensets will be produced as container units for constant operation with complete heat recovery.

Total output power will reach 1000 kW and thermal power wil reach 1320 kW. The gensets are purchased to improve energy efficiency and lower energy and heating bills. Gas gensets allow to achieve energy independence from the centralized power network and operate in autonomous mode.

MAN gas engines are in high demand on the Russian market due to their high reliability and capacity under minimal fuel consumption and low maintenance costs.

The gensets with MAN E 3262 LE 202 engines will be implemented in industrial area.

MT-Group is the official importer of high-speed industrial gas and diesel MAN engines. Our highly skilled professionals will help you to find the best technical solutions, choose the best equipment for the power supply of your drive units (compressors, pumps, etc.) and industrial facilities, and will provide you with the whole scope of services such as design, supply, installation, commissioning, diagnostics and after-sales services.

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