KAMILLA in Saint-Petersburg

  • 2021 год

M/v “KAMILLA” has spent several days in Saint-Petersburg alongside Lieutenant Schmidt embankment during its transit voyage from Poland to Kazakhstan.

Since it left a shipyard in October 2020, “KAMILLA” has already made several voyages, but it was the first time when it arrived to the port of registration.

Just in the matter of months, the vessel proved itself very reliable in commercial service.


“Speaking about how unique this vessel is, I’d like to mention that all companies spy on each other. For instance, Elon Mask and Steve Jobs did not invent anything revolutionary. But when you combine qualities of different products, as a result you get ‘never-before-seen’ motor vessel; and it is truly innovative”, – Abdul Mekhtiev.




«This motor vessel is quite excellent in going uphill, barely sways and loses no more than 1,5-2 knots. The main engine is well chosen for the dimensions of this vessel. There is great visibility from the bridge, easy to pilot. “Kamilla” proved itself to be very capable of enduring a heavy storm. The strongest wind I encountered was 26 meters, highest waves – 3,5-4 meters”, tells the vessel master Aleksandr V. Karaban.



The Head of SeaEnergy Freight Department Sergey Serbin also shared his impressions about the vessel: “This is really good and economically effective vessel with a great visibility and performance which both have positive effect on transportation of oversized cargo. Nowadays, not that many motor vessels are capable of doing such job. Even on RSD59 it is not possible to stow cargo in two tiers, let alone three. By the way, the cargo you see right now on “Kamilla”, is actually just stowed in two tiers”.

“Kamilla” was built specifically for project cargo transportation. This vessel is capable to operate in unrestricted navigation area and perform all SeaEnergy transportation tasks perfectly.” – Abdul Mekhtiev

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