MT-Group innovative solution — containerized 500 kW gas generator set

  • 2020 год

Each year, environmental issues become more and more complex and shipowners face new restrictions and regulations.  On 1 January 2020 the UN IMO global sulfur cap took full effect, limiting the sulphur in the fuel oil to 0.5%. At the same time, there is not enough such fuel is being produced in the world today and rivers are completely missing charging facilities for electric vessels. Gas gensets are more environmentally-friendly than diesel ones and help to reduce costs up to three times. Shipowners are looking for the cheaper environmentally friendly fuel. Electrical retrofitting of the vessel offers new opportunities in using LNG for power generation.

Due to new requirements, MT-Group professionals analyzed current market situation, held necessary discussions and scrutinized the RMRS Rules in order to develop new containerized 500 kW gas generator set.

The major fields of this gas genset application are the power generation for electric propulsion vessels, offshore oil and gas production facilities, power generation for onshore facilities, retrofitting of old vessels, special-purpose vessels. Versatility, key feature of containerized gas genset, is achieved by means of modularity and standard unit sizes.

As of today, there is no any certified marine gas genset produced in Russia and more than 3500 vessels are using diesel fuel for power generation. MT-Group solution supports further development of electrical propulsion river vessels, helps to reduce fuel costs, improve environmental sustainability, and solve a problem with power supply in remote areas of the Far North, Northern Sea Route, etc.

Marinet National Technological Initiative endorsed the new project and MT-Group professionals have already kickstarted its implementation.

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