Marine Technics starts construction of ten vessels ordered by Rechvodput’

  • 2020 год

On August 25, the official opening ceremony of R-FLOT Shipyard and the keel laying ceremony for the first Project 3052 buoy tender were held in Oksky (Nizhny Novgorod).

Project 3052 buoy tenders are critical for the State Basin Administration of Waterways and Shipping Traffic. These vessels are designed to prevent shipping traffic accidents and exercise state supervision within prescribed area.

The main advantage of these vessels is that they designed considering high maintainability. Vessels’ hull, machinery, equipment and systems comply with all Classification Society and Environmental Protection Regulations.

It is worth noting that Project 3052 buoy tenders designed in accordance with the Russian River Register Rules 2019.

Current Project is based on the 2011 technical design basis and operation experience of the first series of vessels.

Major changes impacted basic vessel design:

  1. Updated vessel’s appearance
  2. Wheelhouse is shifted to the bow
  3. Updated vessel’s stability
  4. Enlarged cargo deck
  5. In order to facilitate operating with navigational aids and stevedoring operations, deck crane is equipped with a 40-metres long rope winch.
  6. In order to update vessel’s stability and minimize yawing, diametrical stabilizer is installed in stern
  7. Thruster is installed in order to increase maneuverability at low speeds, during mooring and at bottleneck locations
  8. Bow gangway is added to disembark from a vessel
  9. Layout of inside compartments is changed in order to upgrade habitability and ergonomics
  10. Towing gear design is changed
  11. Push-towing arrangements are changed to more convenient drawing capstans
  12. Modern main engines are shock-mounted
  13. Screw propellers are made from stainless steel
  14. Number of heated windows is increased in a wheelhouse

Project 3052 key specifications:

Length overall — 35.6 m

Beam — 6.48 m

Moulded depth – 2.6 m

Freeboard depth – 8.75 m

Displacement – 154.5 tonnes

Draft (in river/at sea) – 1.42 / 1.39 m

Crew capacity – 10 people

Gross tonnage – 162 tonnes

Cruising capacity – 6 days

Main engines capacity – 2×220 kW

Speed – 24 km/h

RRR Classification – О2.0 (ICE 20)


The Russian Federation Transportation System Development Program implies that Marine Technics company will provide complex management, supplies and delivery of Project 3052 vessels to Rechvodput’.

Additional keel laying ceremonies hosted by the Marine Technics will soon take place at three more shipyards: Blagoverf, Blagoveshchensk; Samus (Tomsk Region) and Zhigalovo (Irkutsk Region).

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