Gyrocompass TG-8000/8500/8100/8600 approved by the Russian River Register

  • 2020 год

Japanese manufacturing company TOKYO KEIKI has received Russian River Register type approval certificate for its gyrocompass TG-8000/8500/8100/8600.

Having been installed on more than 18000 vessels, Tokyo Keiki gyrocompasses manifest their high reliability, superior efficiency and compatibility with other navigational aids. And now, thanks to RRR approval, this gyro can be installed on vessels designed for operation along inland waterways!

TG-8000 key specifications:

  • can be installed on vessels with service speed up to 70 knots (TG-8500);
  • higher processing rate (75 IPS);
  • fast serial data communication (IEC61162-2);
  • interaction between gyro and external heading sensor;
  • minimal number of dual-gyro system components in order to save space and reduce installation costs;
  • start timer function;

TG-8000 (TG-8500) is a “dry card” gyrocompass without a supporting liquid therein. Consequently, TG-8000 (TG-8500) doesn’t require regular maintenance like wet gyros do. TG-8000 also has a wide range of output signals. TG-8000 is manufactured in compact size and consists of two units: master compass and control unit.

TOKYO KEIKI has also presented its latest TG-8100/8600 gyrocompasses. TG-8100/8600 is a new modification of popular TG-8000/8500 gyros updated in accordance with the latest IMO Resolutions. You can find technical specification of new gyros in brochure.

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