20th anniversary of “Marine Technics”!

  • 2017 год

20th anniversary of “Marine Technics”!

At the age of 20 the world seems to be open and infinitively interesting. Thousands of routes and plans for the future; a whole life ahead.

At the age of 20 you have enough experience to defend own position and ideals and much energy to explore new horizons.

20 years is the golden age!

In 2017 “Marine Technics” celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Over the years MT has come a long way: from a little company in Saint Petersburg to a large group with a wide network of international partners who became our friends. Herewith “Marine Technics” succeeded in keeping the essence: addiction to its business and high quality standard.

We develop new directions because we are interested in implementing our ideas and desire to create a better world.

We have a great professional team like no other in the world. We can not only to solve the problems but also to see potential for growth and development. We know that ahead there are a lot of interesting challenges which will make us stronger, better and closer!

Our motto is “from idea to implementation”! And we are really good at it: we always remain by your side on every step by designing, offering, engineering solutions, supplying, assembling, refitting and guaranteeing high quality results!


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