Samsung Heavy Industries has successfully led a diverse range of projects as a world-class player in the shipbuilding, offshore plant, Engineering & Construction, wind power, and digital system industries.

Samsung Heavy Industries is leading the global shipbuilding industry by bringing changes and innovations to it.
Since its establishment in 1974, Samsung Heavy Industries has gained recognition for its world-leading shipbuilding technology by winning orders from many of the world’s most renowned shippers. SHI has maintained the world’s No. 1 market share in the high-tech and high-value shipbuilding sectors, which include drill ships, ultra-large container ships, LNG carriers and FPSO, enabling it to secure an unbeatable level of competitiveness.

SHI opened a new chapter in the history of arctic crude oil transportation by building the first bi-directional icebreaking ship in the world, and has been a pioneer of new markets, leading the development of new ships, such as LNG-FPSO, which enable the production of LNG in marine sites, LNG-FSRU, and icebreaking container ships. In addition, SHI has gained a strong reputation in the marine facility sectors by successfully delivering the world’s largest semi-submersible crude oil drilling platform based on its years of accumulated technology and experience.

Samsung Heavy Industries guarantees the best quality through proven technology
On the strength of the expertise and knowledge the company has developed through its decades of work in the shipbuilding and construction sector and its cutting-edge control technology that has been proven in the global shipbuilding industry, Samsung Heavy Industries has developed a wind power generation facility with excellent performance and quality power output.

The Engineering & Construction division of Samsung Heavy Industries creates premium living spaces.
Since it opened Korea’s premium brand apartment era with the launch of Cherevil in 1993, SHI has successfully completed various backbone infrastructure and SOC construction projects, providing the bridges, roads and plants that have supported the nation, as well as various residential facility construction projects, including apartments, residential-commercial complexes like Tower Palace, and premium residential spaces like Lafolium, the premium townhouse. Through these projects, the Company has laid the foundation for Korea’s economic development, and has improved the convenience and quality of life for its citizens.

SHI is also proud to have recorded the lowest accident rate in the construction industry by realizing safety management under its safety-first construction rule. Through the introduction of its world-class quality guarantee system and its framework quality lifetime guarantee system, SHI has achieved the highest level of consumer satisfaction by delivering perfect quality outputs.

Samsung Heavy Industries introduces leading-edge digital technology to infrastructure across the globe.
Based on its experience and expertise in state-of-the-art shipbuilding and offshore equipment manufacturing, Samsung Heavy Industries produces digital ships and building control systems that are becoming highly recognized in the global market.

Samsung Heavy Industries produsction offerd by "Marine technics" Group:

  • voyage data recorders (VDR, S-VDR)
  • integrated bridge systems
  • automation systems