Catalogue of marine electronics

Koden Electronics Co., Ltd. (Koden) was founded in Japan in 1947, and over the years has become one of the largest and most successful companies on the market of the marine electronics and industrial equipment. Many technical innovations - the use of transistors, printed boards, color graphics - were first used in the electronics industry by Koden. So, the company created the world's first color echo-sounder (1976), the world's first ship navigation radar with color display (1981). The first GPS-receiver was produced by Koden even before the full introduction of the GPS system in operation. Highlight in the history of the company is installing equipment for
mars rover Rover, created for NASA.

Today we offer:

  • Marine radar stations
  • Videoplotters
  • Echo-sounders
  • Videoplotters / echo-sounders
  • Radars with the possibility of PC connection
  • Gyro radars
  • Receiver-indicator and receiving GPS systems
  • Transmitting heading device (satellite compass on the base of GPS system)